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The Market

  1. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested treatment procedure in a dental office, and is second only to hair treatments in the beauty world
  2. According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, 74% of adults believe that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chance for career success
  3. According to a British study, a row of white teeth makes you look 13 years younger and yellowish teeth do the complete opposite
  4. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes you more appealing to the opposite sex
  5. Studies show that nearly 90% of all orthodontists have been asked by their patients for some kind of teeth whitening recommendation
  6. Consumers spend $1,400,000,000 a year on teeth whitening products

About Aribella Beauty

  1. Aribella Beauty is the pioneer in offering this service outside of the dentist office
  2. We have the experience, technology and supplies to provide our clients with a professional grade teeth whitening treatment they deserve
  3. We use the latest LED lights and the highest quality US-made gels to provide the brightest smiles while keeping our process pain-free, enamel-safe and with immediate results
  4. The safety of our products and procedures is backed by years of clinical studies
  5. While the average price of an in-office dental teeth whitening procedure is $600, our treatments are between $99 and $199 and the ‘WOW’ factor is huge!

Our Consultants Love Us

  1. High quality equipment and gels that are safe and produce great results can cost thousands of dollars, which is a big reason why this service is still mainly available at the dentist office
  2. We offer options that allow salons and individuals to offer this service at minimal cost and with virtually no risk to them
  3. Our packages offer everything needed to perform the service and are priced to allow plenty of room for a lucrative markup
  4. We provide the training, certification, support and even marketing to ensure mutual success

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